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How Hipventory works


Our email after delivery asks customers to share a picture of their newly purchased product.

This runs automatically: Each purchase is tracked and emails are sent at the right time.


Your customers can easily upload pictures with captions and share them with friends.

We connect them to your shop's products. This is what we call visual product reviews.


We put the best images on your product pages to drive traffic, provide great shareable content, and more angles to view your products in real life.

Using our visual product reviews, mastering social proof has never been easier.

One picture is worth a thousand words

These could be your visual product reviews:

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We help you master social proof

Product widget or photo wall

Our flexible widgets display photos tailored for the product that you want, or photos from all over your store. Use our single line widget or switch to a wall of photos and choose where to embed it. Everything is possible and, even though setup is a breeze, we'll be there when you need help.

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Choose if you want full control over the publishing process and work with multiple team members, or if you just want to occasionally keep an eye on uploaded photos. Our UI makes it easy to quickly take action on a photo, so it takes up almost none of your time.

Full control

Reject inappropriate images

Keep spam out

Monitor feedback

Instagram integration

There's a lot of good content already on social media. We complement our core technology by giving you a way to benefit from existing photos with your products in them. Easily monitor Instagram hashtags and publish photos to your store with just one click.

We'll correctly identify, attribute, and embed imported content, so that there are no issues when it comes to copyright.

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Product connections

Our technology keeps track of orders and products that your customers bought. We connect every submitted photo to the correct products and build up relationships that make linking from social media content right to your product detail pages seamless.

Using our advanced tools, photos can be assigned to multiple products, so customers can post looks and you can upsell similar and matching products.

Hipventory on iPhone

Fully internationalized

Most online stores speak multiple languages. So do we.

We built our service such that it does not stand in the way when you want to reach customer in multiple languages. Use our easy to use forms to provide more languages. Or contact us and we'll help you and tell you what else we can do.

Thank you.



We do meta

Users sharing content from Hipventory widgets automatically share social media enabled links that we outfitted with all the latest meta information. What that means? Any link shared will display the right Twitter card when tweeted and the right image when shared on Facebook. Automatically. And we are constantly making improvement and monitor latest trends, so you don't have to.

Hipventory on iPhone

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Integrate into your store

Work directly with our REST API or install in minutes with plugins for popular store engines.

Hipventory fits perfectly into your online store

Plug in our widget and start collecting images now.

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